Our History

Established in 1991, Fong Hsiang Enterprise Co. Pte Ltd has over the years expanded to become one of Singapore’s leading suppliers of the highest quality seafood, particularly Swordfish.

Backed by a management staff of more than 25 years’ experience in the fishery industry, the Company is committed to stringent practices of food hygiene and product safety, sanitation and quality control. To date, Fong Hsiang is accredited as an EU Approved Plant (VPH-FE-003) and its Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan is verified under the SGS/NFI Seafood HACCP Program.

Ranging from operation of deep-sea long line fishing to processing of seafood, the company is strategically located in Singapore, near the Jurong Fishery Port.

Fong Hsiang has a full range of products available in whole round, gilled and gutted, DWT, fillet, loin, chunks and steaks. These products include Swordfish, Yellow Fin, Moro Shark, Albacore, Wahoo, Marlin and other tuna-like fishes.

Our experienced and dedicated staff are always committed to explore new and better ways to meet the changing demands and needs of our customers.

Our Mission

To continuously serve our customers worldwide by sourcing and producing the highest quality of frozen seafood with strict practices of food hygiene and product safety, sanitation and quality control.

Our Vision

To become a global leader by exploring new and better ways of delivering premium quality seafood.

Why Customers Choose Fong Hsiang?

At Fong Hsiang, we are all about bringing you premium produce every time. We love selling swordfish and tuna and we do it well. We have challenged ourselves and continually strive to be the best in the industry.


Seamless import process

For the benefit of our customers, we speed up the import process by clearing the goods and situating our processing facility next to the port helps to minimize delays and to ensure the quality of our products is not compromised in any way.

It is with our expert staff and strong networks within the importing chain that you can be reassured that we go above and beyond to ensure our products get to market at the desired time, every time.



Located in Singapore and close to the Jurong Fishery port, we’re positioned to import and export thousands of tonnes of fish locally as well as internationally, the whole year round.



The success Fong Hsiang has experienced over the years is unquestionably attributable to our impeccable reputation for quality, our unwavering commitment to service and the continuous building upon decades of experience in the seafood industry. Relationships built and maintained in this time means that you benefit from the skill and knowledge of our experienced staff and partners.


Premium Quality

With a reputation in providing consistent high quality seafood, our commitment to food safety is an integral part of our business. All of our produce comes under close scrutiny throughout the supply chain process – from handling the fish as it comes out of the ocean, all the way through to our export shipment.

Our Values


We have a passion for Premium Seafood and it is integral to our business that we continue to achieve the highest standards possible to ensure our customers get expertly-handled fresh produce every time.


We believe we have an obligation and responsibility to our customers and the seafood industry as a whole. Doing what is right for our clients strengthens not only our relationship with them, but empowers both parties with the confidence to move ahead at a higher level.


The sum of all of our values helps us build long lasting, valued and trusted relationships. We aim to treat all relationships as true partnerships involving mutual cooperation and responsibility. We aim to instill in the minds of our clients, the understanding that they are in the forefront of our business – we make it our business to understand our client’s business!